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Terms and Conditions
1.Jva India ltd open any project in any place, uploads the project in its official website ,advertisement in the Various local & national news papers ,if require & also advertise by sending its representatives to various units/places/centers.
2.The applicant should sign the application form for booking of the residential /commercial units, with his/her free will & agrees to abide the terms & conditions laid down their en & attach an affidavit along with the application form mentioning is acceptance of the rules & regulations by the Jawan Veer Awas India ltd.
3. Jva India ltd reserves the right to make partial changes to any plan to any time without brings notice to the people depends upon by ground lay out during the development.
4. The applicant will be refunded the paid amount to his/her account given at the time of booking/allotment, with the simple interest paid by the Nationalize bank. No cancellation charge will be applicable in that case.
5.JVA India ltd may support to the applicant/ allot tee to avail loans from various banks/financial institutions for his/her flats/House & it will be solely at the discretion of the bank/financial institution.
6.In that case, bank/financial institution will decide how much amount will be availed by the applicant /allottee & the rest amount will be paid by him/her to the JVA India ltd. after sanction of the date of the loan & it will be made within 30 days from the date of sanction of loan.
JVA India ltd decided that:
Applicant /allottee can’t transfer his/her allotment to his/her friends/relatives/family member without knowledge of the management. In that case applicant/allottee should request to the authority with separate application & the management may approve it.  
* Applicant /allottee can transfer his/her units to anyone else after execution of sale deed in favour of applicant /allottee & handed over of the possession. 
*If management come to know that applicant/allottee is planning to transfer the allotment /unit before handed over of the possession, the management may cancel the allotment & refund the paid amount to his/her accent, given by him her at the time of booking of the units after deduction of the fine amount & that amount will be decided by the management.
*JVA India ltd issue the NOC(No Objection certificate) after full & final payment made by the applicant /allottee for execution of sale deed in favour of the applicant/allottee. 
*The date of execution if sale deed will be mentioned at the time of issue of NOC & applicant/allottee is required to execute the sale deed in his/her name with the concerned registration authority of the project Area on the specified date & it should be communicate the concerned CRO(Customer Relationship Officer).
* If allottee/applicant need more time for him/her physical appearance, he/she should inform to the authority, requesting a separate application & inform to the concerned CRO Telephone calling. So that, CRO will plan for other way for execution of your sale deed.
* Physical possession of the units will be handed over after completion of the development/ construction committed by JVA India ltd.
It will inform the physical possession date & time through concerned CRO, communicate to all applicant/allottee through letter sending to his/her communication address, through telephonic information by the customers care department of Jawanveer awas India Ltd, from its corporate office, kolkatta,west Bengal.
If the applicant /allottee failed to take the physical possession within 920 days from the date of information, it shall be deemed to have taken over by the applicant/allottee.
Applicant/allottee should mark his/her units with bricks/stones to avoid any dispute with the neighbour, that will be made by his/her own expense.
JVA India ltd. Declares that it will not be responsible in any manner what so ever for any issue, arise after handed over of the physical possession to the applicant/allottee.
In case of change of communication address ,it is the responsibility of the applicant/allottee to inform the corporate office, Kolkatta,West Bengal for update of his/her address ,telephone(mobile & Landline) through a separate personal application with duly signed with (mentioned the communication address given at the time of booking & change of address (Present communication address).
Any applicant is advised not to fall in any misinformation .If any doubt will arise can contact to the help line numbers for clearance of his doubt.
It needs cooperation of all the applicants/ interested applicants to maintain the transparency till the end of the project & advised to suggest for the best survive which will help to Jva India ltd to keep the better relationship with all the applicants for future project
JVA India declares that any dispute relating to booking, allotment, refund, execution of deed and any other matters affecting the mutual interest of the applicant/allottee, shall be referred to the chairman of the company, who will appoint an arbitrator who will look after the matter & decision taken by the Arbitrator will be final & the company and the applicant/allottee is binding on it.
The place of arbitration is only at Kolkatta, west Bengal; the arbitrator appointed by the company would carry the proceeding in accordance with the arbitration act.
Any suit of legal proceeding against the company can’t be proceed without prior 90 days notice period is writing has been served & should mentioned the nature of claim with the personal details such as name, address of the complaint, free registration number if any & contact in mobile/landline number. The proceeding can be proceeding after expired of the 90 days notice period.
The law officer is appointed by the management is the authority who will look after on behalf of the company.
It declares that, the management may modify the terms & conditions, rules & regulations, may be add new also time to time if necessary .It will be placed in website: www.jvaindia.co.in and that management have rights to issue any notification to provide better service & it will be binding on all the concerned persons, It will be placed in the official website for the information of the all concerned persons.
Management also declares that, the CMD in the empowered to implement all the recommended term & conditions, rules & regulations for the smooth functioning of the company and it would be considered as part of the present rules & it would be binding upon all the concerned persons.
Jawanveer Awas India ltd. Declares that Payment should be made by the demand draft & it should be payable at Kolkata. No cash payment will be accepted by any of the member/staff of the company at any of its office.